Maricopa Lutheran ChurchGATHERED by the Holy Spirit;
FED with the Word;
SENT to make Christ known.

Desert Wind School, 35565 W. Honeycutt Rd.
Maricopa, AZ 85138

Worship at 9 am

10:15 am Sunday School
   for 3-5th Graders
10:15 am Adult and Teen
   Bible Study


Pastor Glenn Zimbelman

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
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Commission Hymn and Anthem

Commission Hymn and Anthem for February 11, 2018 - 5th Anniversary Celebration

Like Waters in the Desert—music by David Bugli—words by Carl Jensen

Like waters in the desert, so flows our Savior’s grace, 
Like promises of dawning of light in every place
The Lord who died to save us and then rose up again 
Shall come in final vict’ry and glory without end.

By water and the Spirit we’re gathered by God’s call. 
Through bread and wine our Jesus comes here and feeds us all
No matter how we differ in many human ways,
Our Lord brings us together to give him all our praise.

As waters in the desert are sent so flowers may grow
Now we are sent to others that they our Lord may know
To share the gifts of pardon, of mercy and of grace,
That through our acts of serving we may reveal God’s face

Like flowers in the desert we bear the seeds of life
The life that is eternal, that heals all human strife
The life of Christ flows through us and reaches out to all
That all may know the blessings of our Lord’s loving call.

© music by David Bugli and words by Carl Jensen.
Licensed to Maricopa Lutheran Church.

© 2006 - 2018, - All Rights Reserved.