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Birthdays and Anniversaries

September birthdays: Cyan Stratman (9/14), JoAnn Eslinger (9/14), Bobby Aguilar (9/14), Cliff Torgerson (9/21), Gerda Schinkel (9/23), Matthew Walter (9/27).

Pulpit Supply for September - October

Pastor Carl Jensen will be serving as pastor on September 14, 28, and October 12 and 26.  Pastor Bernie Carl will be serving on September 21, and October 5 and 19.

Reports and Downloads

Just added to the Download Page:

  • Evangelism Report - September 5, 2014

      Call Committee

      The call committee has had three meetings so far - one with John Schaumburg, assistant to the Bishop.  Pastor Schaumburg presented an overview of the call process manual and encouraged us to follow it.  If you are interested in how the process works in our synod, please go to the Grand Canyon website at, click on congregations, then click on call process and scroll down to call process manual.  We are currently preparing to interview a candidate and are in Step 5 of the process.  We hope that you will continue contributing questions to the question box.

      Rally Sunday

      Article from the September 2014 issue of The Lutheran:

      In the next few weeks, congregations across this church rally their children back into educational programs.  For many, Rally Sunday has risen to the level of a minor church festival -- and rightfully so.  I wonder what it would mean for us who share this programmatic rhythm to pause and consider more deeply what it is that our children bring with them.  It is a blessing to nurture them in faith, to introduce them to God's story.  Often it seems they bless us in return.  So what if this Rally Sunday we rallied the children and their abundant blessings?

          God of new beginnings,
          as summer fades behind us
          and the days begin to shorten,
          may we turn our attention to
          the short ones among us.
          The little ones.
          The messy ones.
          The playful ones.
          The loud ones.
          The quiet ones.
          The shy ones.
          The wild ones.
          May we rally the life of the church to meet them on their way.  
          And may their way of life rally us to new beginnings.

      Written by Timothy K. Snyder, a doctoral fellow in practical theology at Boston University and director of education at Faith Lutheran Church, Cambridge, MA.

      Calling All Boys and Girls!

      We are in need of acolytes!  If you are interested, please contact Maureen Smyth at 520-568-8996 or at

      Bible Study

      Bible study is held every Sunday from 9 to 9:45 a.m.  A number of us have been discussing the Gospel readings and have been enjoying hearing each other's opinions, insights, and related stories.  Please join us!!  

      Pastoral Care

      Pastor Carl Jensen has kindly offered to do visits for families in need of pastoral care.  If you have an illness, death, or would like communion, please let Pastor Carl know, either directly at 757-846-3798 or at the church phone 520-450-1871.

      We Need Addresses!!!

      It is time to update our MLC directory and we need your help!!  We have been blessed with many new people in the past year or so and have tried to keep up with addresses, but are missing quite a few. 

      We would appreciate it if everyone (even if you think we already have it) would send their address, phone number and email to Sue Fletcher at and she will compile all this information.

      It would also be helpful if you would provide your birthday/anniversary in this email.  We are sure we are missing many of those also.  Thank you for your help!!!

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