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September 11 - Carl and Pat Jensen
September 18 - Jamie Morano
September 25 - Eileen Stratman

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If you have an interest in helping people outside the United States and want to explore possible ways to do this, please join our MLC team!  Let Pastor Glenn know if you are interested.

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  • Fellowship - August 8, 2016

                The Hope of Job

                Pastor Glenn Zimbelman

                In our journey through Job we began with Job having his whole life taken away.  Job now finds himself a broken man.   We looked at the concept of lamenting, going to God when things are tough.  Today our journey turns to a positive one.  For out of the depths of despair and amazing thing happens for Job.  Hope emerges.

                Our theme for hope comes from Job 19:15, it is a Easter theme really.

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                  Men's Group Breakfast

                  Saturday, August 27, at 9 a.m. at Terry Oldfield’s.  Please let Terry or Pastor Glenn know if you will be attending.

                  August Birthdays and Anniversaries

                  Gwen Marsh - August 7
                  Gene Granquist - August 12
                  Carl Jensen - August 21
                  Pam Collins - August 23

                  Mojo and Jeewon Krup - August 7 - 17 years!

                  Chime Choir

                  The first rehearsal of the chime choir will be September 13 at 7 p.m. at Pat Jensen’s home..  If you are interested, please see Pat —we need additional chimers!!

                  Confirmation Youth/Parent Meeting

                  6:30 p.m., Wednesday, August 31, at Pastor Glenn’s home—42546 W. Corvalis Lane (Glenwilde development).  Grades 7-8.

                  The Lament Cry to God

                  Pastor Glenn ZimbelmanAs we continue our walk through Job, today we will look at one of the classic forms of poetry known as the lament.  I remind you where Job now sits.  He has lost his children, his possessions and now he finds himself with a skin disease that most scholars think is leprosy.  This skin disease now means that Job would also be cut off from community.  He is an outcast, unclean, a black sheep, someone to avoid.   In the middle of his suffering he will change how he looks at both himself and God.   

                  Now I hope and pray that none of you will ever have a Job like experience.  If there is one identity in our culture that captures Job, Charlie Brown stands out.  His kites get stuck up in trees.  He can’t kick a football.  His team never wins a baseball game.  Life is always against Charlie Brown.  If you have followed the comic strips in the paper, the little red haired girl is moving away.

                  July 10, 2016 - God Believes in Job
                  Pastor Glenn Zimbelman
                  I must admit this Sunday is a first for me.  I have never preached a sermon series on Job.   I run the risk of making you all depressed.   Yet this wonderful book provides insights on a Job’s faith and also the great tragedy we know as human suffering.   My hope is that for the rest of the summer I can at least provide you some new insights and direction with respect to suffering.   By the way, if you expect me to provide you will all the answers.  Good luck with that.  For at best, the why’s and how’s of suffering will remain a mystery.  I like to think we will get all the answers in heaven.  More and more I think when we get to heaven, the need for answers will not even exist. 

                  This Sunday is a Sunday to set the table for the entire book.   The book is less about providing answers and more about our response to each other and more importantly our response to God.

                  July 3, 2016 - Generosity
                  Pastor Glenn Zimbelman
                  As we begin this morning it is helpful to once again affirm our mission statement and guiding principles.  So please join with me

                  GATHERED by the Holy Spirit; FED with the WORD of God; SENT to make Christ known

                  Guiding Principles for Maricopa Lutheran Church:

                  Jesus is Lord
                  Everyone is precious and valued
                  Empowered for Discipleship 
                  Centered in God's Word and Prayer 
                  Fellowship with God & Each Other 
                  Equipped for Evangelism and Generosity.

                  Special Notice

                  Dear Family of MLC:

                  My mother, Doreen Zimbelman, age 93, went home to Jesus Tuesday morning!  Her mind was gone, her body was worn out, so she now is in a great place!  I am joyful because I know who holds her!  Memorial service will take place later on this summer in Washington State.

                  Pastor Glenn

                  June 12, 2016 - Jars of Clay
                  Pastor Glenn Zimbelman

                  Let’s just imagine for a moment that we are Superman.  I know some of you think you are that Super and I congratulate you on our powers.  Let’s imagine that the Man of Steel is just that.  Nothing can harm him.  Let’s imagine that he is not even bothered by Kryptonite.  Let’s also image that he is going to live very, very long.   While it may be very cool to think of yourself as Superman, there is also a problem.  Superman would have little need for God.  I once had someone say to me in college.  This guy was really smart and a Chemistry major.  He said, Christianity is for weaklings.  If people were strong they would not need God.

                  Well perhaps that is the point.  We are not strong are we?  We have a need for God.

                  May 29, 2016 - Caring to Console
                  Pastor Glenn Zimbelman

                  The Original Warm Fuzzy tale I first learned at Bible Camp.  It goes something like this.  There was a town that was very happy.  Everyone had plenty of warm fuzzies.  When they got a warm fuzzy they immediately looked to give it away.  The town was warm, and the town was fuzzy.  A wicked witch came to the town and suggested to someone, maybe it might be a good idea to hold onto that fuzzy.  This way you can make sure that you have one.  So that person did.  The town became selfish.  People started to keep their warm fuzzies.  What happened next is that the warm fuzzies themselves began to change.  They turned into Cold Prickly’s.  Kind of like trying to hug a pine cone.  Soon the town was crabby and mean.  One little girl had the last warm fuzzy and she was trying to figure out what to do.  In a moment of insight she gave it away.  The person who got it, turned nice and that person also gave the warm fuzzy away.  Soon all the town had warm fuzzies again.  Everyone lived happily ever after.  For certain the main lesson is to give way love.  Holding onto our stuff makes us crabby and selfish. But there is another lesson this story.  It is a choice of behavior.   For you see there are many times in our lives when we really, really need a warm fuzzy.  We may have lost a loved one.  We had a terrible day at school.  Our girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with us.  We made an error that cost us the ball game.  It is at those moments when we need to be hugged and cared for.  Sadly, we may need a warm fuzzy but too often what we get is a cold prickly.  In fact, I think that is the problem with all of our world.  Maybe we need to start a warm fuzzy campaign.  Too many cold prickly’s makes everyone crabby. 

                  Prayer List

                  Please let Sue Fletcher know when a name can be removed from the prayer list. There are many names on our prayer list that have been there for quite a long time.  Please check and be sure as to whether or not they can be removed.

                  May 15, 2016 - Coloring outside the Lines
                  Pastor Glenn Zimbelman

                  Many of us have the experience of a 2 year old armed with crayons.   One of the tricks is to keep them on the paper and not on the walls.  Those white walls are tempting.   So the young toddler hands you the picture and of course it looks like this.

                  You say to the child.  Wow what a pretty picture and you proudly post it on the refrigerator.  Then the child goes and colors 10 more and you have a problem.  Now you have to buy a bigger fridge.

                  Today is Pentecost Sunday and you all get bonus points for wearing red.  Nice color by the way.

                  Lasagna Dinner Fundraiser - April 9, 2016

                  Lasagna Dinner FundraiserPictures  by Kathy Nockleby  of the lasagna dinner fundraiser we had on April 9 at The Villages.  All proceeds from the dinner went to the building fund and we raised over $2,000.

                  May 8, 2016 - Death, Dying and the Cross
                  Pastor Glenn Zimbelman

                  Before we look at Corinthians 15, known as the Resurrection Chapter, it is good and proper that we speak a little bit this morning about mother’s day.  I remember reading in the paper about a conversation between a reporter and the mother of a serial killer.   The mother told the reporter, I know what my son did is terrible and wrong.  I feel very bad for the victims.  I still care for my son.  The reporter commented,” how can you care for someone who has hurt so many people.” She said, I can’t help it, he is my Son.

                  Pastor Glenn Zimbleman
                  Glenn Zimbelman

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