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Pastor Glenn Zimbelman

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Pastor Glenn Zimbelman's Sermons

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June 14, 2015 - Small Things Matter

Glenn Zimbleman

Somewhere I picked up the concept of faith as horizontal and vertical.   So someone who is prone to Vertical faith, sees their faith as a connection to God.  This person might spent a lot of time in prayer, Bible study and personal piety.  If you take it to the extreme, you might even become a monk or a nun.   Pushed to its limits, a vertical faith person ultimately longs for heaven.  They can’t wait to be with Jesus.  There focus is on the hereafter.    Many people are like this.  They have a very private spirituality.

June 7, 2015 - Standing firm in the face of evil

Glenn Zimbleman

In our Christian history there is a monastic movement that still exists to this day.   For some it means going off and being by yourself, cut off from the world.   The focus is on being one with God.  The picture on the screen is a monastery in a placed called Meteora in Greece.  I have been there.   At the time I believe there were over 20 monasteries placed on some of the highest granite stones in the world.  They settled there because it was a good place for the hermits to escape invading Turks.   Today there are six left with each one having about 10 official members.   Two of the six are women.  They are huge tourist attractions because they monks need the money to keep the remaining six in good repair.   One purpose was for the hermits to isolate themselves so they can focus on their spirituality.  The second purpose of course, was to escape the world, and all the evil that it entails.

May 31, 2015 - Finding God

Glenn Zimbleman

When we think of Eden we conjure up the usual images in our mind.   The forbidden fruit often depicted as a red delicious apple.   The snake crawling on the ground.   The snake getting Eve to eat the apple.   Adam too whimpy to say no to Eve.  He eats it too.   We are aware of that first sin.  Eating of the forbidden fruit.   What we fail to recognize and must remember is the consequence of that sin.   We read in Genesis 3:8

“They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden”

Before the sin, God and Humans hung out together.   They enjoyed each other’s presence.  God saw that what God created was good.   Now that relationship shatters.  A new reality emerges.  Humans are cast out of the garden and now there is a gulf between Humans and God. While Adam and Eve hid from God it seems that God is hidden from us.

May 24, 2015 - Discover Your Superpower

Glenn ZimblemanWhen I was a kid I use to love my comic books.  I would read just about anything.   I secretly hoped I would get bit by a radioactive Spider and turn into Spiderman.   I read just about anything but enjoyed Fantastic Four and the X-Men.   So out of curiosity, I typed in What kind of Super Hero am I and Mr. Google took me to a site that has a quiz to fill out.   The survey asked questions like, do you have long hair and are you a geek.   The end of the test I pushed submit and voila.   The test says I should be Superman.   There you go.   So what kind of super power would you want:  Speed like the Flash?  The strength of Hulk.  To be able to fly like Superman?  I think flying would be pretty cool.  Now let’s just say for sure humor sake that you could fly.  Think, no more traffic jams.  No more going through security at airports.  Think of the view you would have.   Then let’s imagine you had the power and decided not to use it.  Yup, you knew you could fly but you chose to say no.  You in essence ground yourself. You say,  “Not for me, I don’t want anything to do with it.”   Who would do that?  Well no one, unless I suppose you afraid of heights.  Even that shouldn’t matter, you can fly.

May 17, 2015 - Jesus Prays for Us

Glenn ZimblemanSome of you just might have to think back a bit.  Remember when you taught your child to ride the bicycle for the first time.   You started perhaps with training wheels.  The hardest thing to teach them was to keep pedaling.  There first few attempts they look like a bunch of drunks leaving a bar.  Their bikes weave all over the place, a crash waiting to happen.  Then there is the joy when they finally get it.  They steer, keep pedaling and away they go. The child smiles with joy.   Then you know what happens.  The parent protection alarm goes off.   Wait.  Bike Helmet.  Elbow pads.  Check 43 times before you cross the road.   Worry kicks in.   What happens if they crash?  Or worse, what happens if the get hit by the car.  Some parents become so overly worried that they suggest the following. “ Child, when you want to ride the bike, let me know, and I will ride it for you.”  What really drives the worry alarm up.  It is when they go around the corner for the first time.  They are out of sight.  Lots of things lurk out in the world.  There is always a sigh of relief when they return.    Honestly, we don’t want our loved ones to be hurt.  We want to keep them safe and protected.

May 10, 2015 - Finding Our Joy

There is something special about a mother’s love.   Having not been a mother, I can only talk about this love as I have observed it.   There are certain reasons a mother’s love comes about.   From a physical and emotional aspect, carrying a child is unique and special.   How do you put to words, the surprise and joy that arises when the child kicks for the first time?   Unless of course, it is the kick of a mule.   How do you put to words, the connection, and the intimacy that happens as the child grows in a mother’s womb?  Of course it is not always easy.  Carrying that watermelon around isn’t always fun.   We won’t even want to talk about having a baby?   Here is a thought!   

May 3, 2015 - Bearing Fruit

This is our first year of having a home in the valley.  We were thrilled to discover that our new back yard has 4 citrus trees of some kind, a pomegranate tree and grape vines.   We are not sure about our citrus trees.  We can’t wait for the tree to produce fruit not only for the taste, but we would like to know what kind of fruit we have.   We think we have one grapefruit, one Minnesota tangelo and two other YTD trees.  YTD stands for YET TO Be Determined. 

April 26, 2015 - Jesus the Good Shepherd

 When Jan and I got married we settled into a place called Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  The name is translated from Potawnami meaning Waterfall.  It had 5 major lakes surrounding it.   We settled there because it was between our two work places.  So for two years I drove on a freeway for an hour to get to my church outside of Madison.   The topography was typical rolling Wisconsin farm land.   I would often spot this on the side of a hill.

April 19, 2015 - Changing your Mind

Sweetie of my heart. I’ve been so desolate ever since I broke off our engagement. Simply devastated. Won’t you please consider coming back to me? You hold a place in my heart no other woman can fill. I can never marry another woman quite like you. I need you so much. Won’t you forgive me and let us make a new beginning? I love you so.

April 12, 2015 - My Lord and My God

I grew up in Buckley Washington located at the foot of Mount Rainer.  My brother Roger wanted to climb it.  Instead of going with a guide service we joined Tacoma Mountaineers, a climbing club.  The upshot is I learned how to climb rock and glaciers.  I climbed Mount Rainer when I was 14 years old and climbed all over the Northwest until I was 23.   It was on one of my climbs that God first became real for me.   We were working our way across a glacier trying to get to our route up the mountain.  It was later in the summer so at the bottom it was more rock and shale and less snow.   There was a point where we had to go single file down the side of a cliff full of rock shale.  There was no way to anchor our rope to keep us safe.  If we slid or slipped we were toast.  We had to go one at a time and space ourselves far apart.  If the whole side gave away we didn’t want it to take the 3 of us.  We went through this gap, going real slow, and I was the last one to go.  While I was waiting, I remember praying to God and saying essentially this, God if this is my time I am to die, I am yours.  The most interesting thing came over me.  I had a sense of real peace.  I had a sense that whatever happened to me, I would be okay.  With that in mind, I ran down the side of the mountain.  Not really.  I went slow but with great confidence.  At the end as we climbed up onto the snow, a climbing friend asked me if I was gripped, meaning afraid.  I said, nope, I knew God was with me.  He gave me the weirdest look.


Pastor Glenn Zimbelman Pastor Glenn Zimbelman

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