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Lent: Praying The Hours

All forty documents will open in a new window as a printable PDF after clicking on the number associated with each date. The Praying The Hours can be used for every year.

  Date   Date
Ash Wed
2   22  
3   23  
4   24  
5   25  
6   26  
7   27  
8   28  
9   29  
10   30  
11   31  
12   32  
13   33  
14   34  
15   35  
16   36  
17   37  
18   38 Good Friday
19   39  
20   40 Palm Sunday



Praying the Hours does not mean that you pray for an hour, but you could. It is more about having a regular connection to God throughout the day. It is an ancient practice by Christians, Muslims, and Jews. While some may stop and pray 7 times a day we will pray three times, Morning, Noon and Night. Each fixed hour prayer will take about 5-7 minutes if the words are simply prayed. You may stop and ponder the words in each section, read them silently and meditate on the words. You may pause and just listen for God. Some days you will just pray the words for the sake of the words themselves.
This is a practice of honoring God. If you have a prayer partner, each person can pray out loud every other section of an fixed prayer. It will change you over time. Holding hands during the Lord’s prayer is a good idea.
If you miss a prayer time don’t be concerned. This is a process of praying. If praying the Hour’s becomes habit for you, you may purchase the recommended 3 Set books by Phyllis Tickle,
Divine Hours Vol1:Prayers for Summertime: A Manual for Prayer, Divine Hours Vol 2: Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime-A Manual for Prayer, Divine Hours Vol 3: Prayers for Springtime-A Manual for Prayer Eastertide
Please note Kindle edition while portable is not as user friendly as the actual books.
This 40 Day Lent Journey is to introduce you to this wonderful habit. Jan and I have prayed the hours since Jan 1st and it is connecting us closer to each other and closer to God. I highly recommend this practice as a spiritual exercise, please let me know how it is working for you. I have written these Fixed Hour Prayers borrowing from many prayer sources and the Psalms which is normal for Fixed Hour Praying.

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